Garden management

GREENSCAPE proposes monitoring and maintenance of freshly created garden or patio, maintenance and improvement of existing ones.

Passionate, we perform meticulous and conscientious works, very concerned by the quality and the result. Convinced that details do make the difference, our main objective is to ensure that your outside living remains enjoyable along the seasons.

In order to achieve that goal we proudly use modern and well-maintained machines, tools and innovating techniques distinguishing ourselves from other competitor.

Lawn is usually the biggest surface in the gardens therefore the most seen, that’s why we give it a special attention, such as cutting with rear roll lawn mower to provide the better effect or providing fertilizer, treatments and interventions according to needs and seasons.

Flower beds are regularly maintained with specific cares given according to the flower’s specie and weeding. Seasonal plants may be planted to add color all year long.

Hedges, bushes and fruit trees trimming, watering system settings and general cleaning of the property are others tasks undertaken.

We usually perform maintenance at the end of the week; always leaving a beautiful and tidy landscape that you can enjoy your outside living during the week end.