Garden creation

Wishing a new garden?

GREENSCAPE is the ideal partner to help you imagine, design and build the garden of your dream.

After an initial contact to identify your wishes and expectations, project managers offer ideas, advises and guidance to define the concept of your new outside living. Once the design that you love is created we start on building phase to deliver you with innovation, efficiency and professionalism your Garden of Eden.

We propose all kind of realizations related to outside arrangement, ranging from seeding splendid lawn or pre-cultivated turf rolls installation to colorful flower beds evolving during seasons elaboration, including valuable time saving automatic watering system design installation and breath taking patio improvement by adding pots and flower boxes.

Although we are specialized in the plant area, we also are also able to carry out various hardscape tasks such as small masonries, paving or fences installation for example. However in order to fully meet yours requirements, we also collaborate with reliable partner companies as electrician, carpenter, painter or pool builder for specific and complex realizations.

Any project represents for us a new challenge; we always attempt to propose the most suitable solutions in any particular case.
Once building phase is performed, an outside living needs regular monitoring and maintenance undertaken by advised professionals in order to guaranty his evolution and final achievement.